Samstag, 11. Februar 2017

Zavala - Fantasmas

Previously only known for his signature sound of progressive Hip Hop production, Zavala's FANTASMAS record is an instrumental electronic album unexpectedly inspired by the sounds of House, UKG & Techno. The majority of these songs were sketched out on laptops during travel with his Hip Hop group Dark Time Sunshine as they toured extensively with artists such as Aesop Rock. Those sketches were then elaborated upon & reworked with layers upon layers of analog synthesizers and drum machines, in proper Zavala fashion. Each track is a purging of turmoil or an exercise in internal reflection. Through the ebb of flow of ethereal synths and beats, Zavala manages to create a deeply emotive instrumental record inspired by some of the most trying times of his adult life. Fantasmas is an album created out of necessity; a necessity for stability both mentally & emotionally.

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